Flying from a wheelchair

Will a wheelchair ever fly? I’m not talking about a rocket-powered wheelchair, although wouldn’t that be great?! I’m talking about the possibility of travelling in a wheelchair whilst on a plane. Comfort and convenience Imagine, instead of being lifted like… Read More »Flying from a wheelchair

Quiet Time

I saw a “comedian” post an image of a poster from a bank window advertising quiet hour on Tik Tok this week and she made a joke of the concept. The post attracted many ableist comments from the public, with… Read More »Quiet Time

Version 4.0 is here!

Version 4.0 of our Access Rating App is here with more venue types to review and an improved search facility! Yes, that’s right, not only can you review hotels, bars and restaurants we’ve now added the ability to review music… Read More »Version 4.0 is here!