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Leicestershire Curry Awards

Access Rating was honoured to receive an invitation to attend the prestigious Leicestershire Curry Awards. Our friend Shaf Islam, owner of Chutney Ivy Restaurant, kindly extended the invitation. Our Access Auditor, Jignesh Vaidya, eagerly attended the event and had an extraordinary experience. He had the opportunity to connect with numerous individuals, spreading awareness about the significance of accessibility in businesses. Jig firmly believes that both small and large enterprises often overlook the needs and potential contributions of disabled communities.

Valerie Taylor

During this event, he had a remarkable encounter with Valerie Taylor of the Valerie Taylor Trust — a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting disabled individuals. Jig learned more about her work with the Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) located in Bangladesh, an organisation that is widely recognised for its commendable work in assisting disabled individuals with medical treatment, rehabilitation and support. It is our aim is to form a partnership with CRP to support causes aimed at breaking barriers and empowering disabled people. We strongly believe that by fostering confidence and sharing ideas, we can make a significant difference in their lives.  

Jignesh engaged in meaningful conversations with various attendees at the Leicestershire Curry Award. He highlighted how implementing accessible features can enhance businesses’ reach and improve overall customer satisfaction. Jig passionately emphasised the importance of creating an inclusive society where everyone can thrive. His interactions allowed him to gain valuable insights into people’s experiences and challenges when navigating inaccessible environments.

The presence of Access Rating at this renowned event created opportunities for networking and collaboration. Jignesh received positive responses from many business owners who expressed interest in evaluating their establishments’ accessibility standards with an access audit. By actively advocating for accessible practices, Access Rating aims to bridge the gap between businesses and the disabled community.

This experience further reinforced our commitment to promoting inclusivity throughout Leicester and beyond. We are excited to continue working closely with businesses, organisations, and individuals who share our vision of equal access for all. Access Rating remains confident that together we can create a community where diversity is celebrated and everyone can fully participate in social and economic activities without barriers or limitations. This will happen when local business take an active role, and we are looking forward to working with anyone who is ready to make their business accessible.   

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