Disability Awareness Training

Access Rating is delighted to announce the launch of its new disability awareness training! This training offers practical advice and guidance for businesses around key disability issues to promote inclusion and access in the workplace.

However, our aim at Access Rating is not just to provide a solid grounding in disability awareness; we seek to inspire positive change in workplace attitudes and behaviours.

Developed by disabled people, our disability awareness training contains many real-life examples and practical tips to help employers and their staff to generate their own workable solutions towards making inclusion and access a natural part of everyday life in their workplace.

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is an act

Who is this Training suitable for?

This is introductory level training, suitable for all employees and managers, either as online or face-to-face, and can be part of your Workplace Wellbeing or Equality and Diversity Scheme.

What does our Disability Awareness Training cover?

The Access Rating disability awareness training enables its participants to:

Understand how the Law protects the rights of disabled people

The first part of disability awareness lies in understanding that working in an inclusive and accessible environment is a disabled person’s right – not a luxury. Gain an overview of legislation around discrimination and reasonable adjustment, and how the law protects disabled people’s rights to access the same freedoms as non-disabled people.

Learn how to be an active part of workplace Inclusion

At Access Rating, we are not just about ‘ticking boxes’. Genuine inclusion requires more than understanding; it needs the commitment from all involved to take part in, and actively seek to practice, inclusion for all. This training will provide practical information on how to improve inclusion in your workplace, from recruitment and training sessions, to the everyday workings of the office environment.

Gain practical tips on improving access in the workplace

Our training materials are written by disabled people who understand, first-hand, the barriers that a lack of access can create in the workplace. Whilst these barriers can sometimes be significant, (for example, structural), more often these are small, creative or resourceful changes that can make a huge difference to the working life of a disabled person.

Consider the role of disability equality in the workplace and wider society

Alongside informative case studies and practical guidance, the Access Rating disability awareness training seeks to encourage participants to adopt a more inclusive and accessible approach in their every day lives – not just as employees but as members of society.

  • Developed by disabled professionals with a solution-focused approach
  • Provides examples and case studies to demonstrate practical solutions
  • Available as an online course or delivered in-house
  • Ideal as an add-on to refresher sessions or employee induction days
  • Printout Guides included, for use as memory aids in workspaces

Register your interest in the Access Rating disability awareness training today.