Take your business to the next level
by making it accessible to all.

Did you know that around 14.6 million people in the UK have disabilities? We provide friendly disability access audits to help your business to become fully inclusive. 


How We Can Help

Disabled access audit
Disabled Access Audit

Disabled peoples’ experiences matter and every negative experience impacts your business. A disability access audit will show you how you can improve your facilities for the disabled community.

Website audits
Website Audits

You never get a second chance at a first impression. An accessible website audit will test your website’s accessibility and identify potential barriers for disabled users.

Job coaching
Job Coaching

As a social enterprise, we reinvest all our profits to support the disabled community. We created the Employment Hub, a project that works in partnership with SEND schools to give students invaluable real-life work experience.


We believe

in a world where stress-free disabled access is available to all.

For disabled people simply planning a trip out can be full of stressful possibilities. You might not be able to enter a venue, use the bathroom or navigate freely. Because of this, leaving the house can be a source of huge anxiety for disabled people, leading to isolation, depression and an abundance of issues.

Sadly many establishments, offices and buildings claim they are accessible for the disabled when they aren’t. We’re working towards a world where disabled access is at the forefront of everyone’s minds so the disabled community can enjoy their day-to-day lives without accessibility fears.

The three founders of Access Rating are all disabled businessmen who have been navigating the tricky world of disability access their whole lives. Together, they felt there was a need to create a platform that would allow the very real issues of a lack of access, opportunities and unacceptable facilities to be discussed on a wider scale.

Together, we can do better and be better for the disabled community.

Access Denied? Britain's Mobility Problem


Access Rating has been working closely with companies to improve access for all.

It was a real delight when we were asked to be featured on ITV as part of the programme “Access Denied? Britain’s Mobility Problem”, it highlighted the work we have done and continue to do with The Wildlife Trust.

The Access Rating employment hub is run in collaboration with SEND schools

By disabled people, for disabled people


Access Rating is run by disabled people, for disabled people.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest all our profits back into our work placement programme, the Employment Hub. The Employment Hub is run in collaboration with SEND schools and helps to give young, disabled people valuable work experience and skills for the future.

Take Action Today

We’re here to help. An Access Audit will guide you to make positive improvements to your venue so that visiting is a positive experience for every disabled person.

Supporting the next generation of disabled employees and entrepreneurs


Disabled people find it disproportionately difficult to find full-time employment. By teaching young people valuable skills through our Employment Hub we can set them up for success in the future. The more access audits we do, the more young people we can help.





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